Spot the Pink Shirts Downtown

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The Back to Style team will be in the CORE each Saturday and Sunday of September to give $200 in Couture Cash to one lucky person, but if you spot us first it’s your lucky day. Once you’re selected we’ll take you to the store of the day and a stylist will help you pick a perfect Fall look right then and there.

Of course there is one tiny catch, but don’t worry it’s not painful! We want to share your new oh-so stylish look (and the outfit we spotted you in) with the world! Or at least, with our corner of the world wide web. If that prospect fills you with dread, tell your friends, maybe they’ll be up for it.

Remember to check back this weekend to see the lucky people that got a new Fall look and tell them they look nice, because everyone loves to hear a compliment :)

You’ll also see our Style Team hosting the Downtown Style Van on Stephen Avenue Walk, walking the streets of downtown as a three-piece billboard and strutting their stuff with models for our Crosswalk Fashion Shows.

Enjoy your September and get back to style Calgary.

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