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5 Questions with Karen Judge of Studio Gorgeous

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Karen Judge has always had a passion for style since she was a little girl dressing up her Barbies.  While working in retail she observed firsthand the frustration that women went through to find clothes that fit.  Seeing a need, Karen founded Studio Gorgeous to help women dress for their body types.  “Women should love everything in their wardrobes and clothes should make you feel great about yourself.”

Fashion vs. Style - What is the difference?

Fashion is what the designers say you should wear. This is where you should get inspired and get your creativity going.  Don’t laugh at what’s on the runway but learn from it.

Style is about what YOU want to wear.  Style is you take what you see from designers on the runway and wear it for everyday life .  It’s a relationship with yourself and it belongs only to you.  You should not be wearing what your friends are or what you are told to wear, but wear something that makes you feel good. You know when something feels good - that’s your style.

What are you seeing as this year’s  fall style trends?

This fall, the trends are all over the place.  We’re seeing lots of bright colors, especially when paired with black, denim, ponchos, Navaho designs and more animal prints.  Animal prints never seem to go out of style.  Remember the accessories, a great pair of shoes and a handbag are a must.

What’s your favourite accessory?

Bracelets are an essential piece that I always have on.  Accessories are your art.  Some women love rings, others love earrings, mine is bracelets.  I cannot leave the house without a bracelet on.  Even on my days off I will have at least one on, it grounds me.

There are some people that think Stylists are only for the very wealthy.  What’s your answer to them?

That’s interesting.   When people hear I am a stylist, they instantly ask me if they have the right hair colour…I know nothing about hair.  Style has been in New York and Paris for years and is still a fairly new concept to Calgary.  You will find high-end stores with their own personal stylists, but it’s different to work with an independent stylist.   We are educated professionals, so we understand your specific body type and the industry.  We know when stores are making changes to their manufacturing, to their designs, where the designers are going.  We are here to make shopping easy.   For example if you’re looking for the perfect black dress, we will know where that dress is for you, saves you time and frustration as you are not going from store to store. We have had people with unlimited budgets and we have had people with $250 for an entire wardrobe.  It’s not uncommon for us to be at Walmart or Holt Renfrew.   A stylist isn’t just for the rich and famous, they’re for everybody.  Through our help you’re not going to spend as much money or make as many mistakes.

Studio Gorgeous was responsible for bringing Clinton Kelly to Calgary and is now working on a “Get Gorgeous at HOME” series.  Why do you do events?

Clinton Kelly was all about “Styling your Life.”   We believe that when  every aspect of your life is Stylish, life becomes fun.  Its about living your best life, from food to fashion to home decor; it is just surrounding yourself with a great energy.    I am a big fan of HOME Tasting Room (a new restaurant on Stephen Avenue) and am partnering with them to do a series of events, like a live style show covering food, beauty, makeup, hair, home decor, nutrition, fitness and health and,  of course,  fashion.  Our first event is on September 13th and every event will have a different theme and a different guest. All of the proceeds of these events will go into a special fund to be used for random acts of kindness within the Calgary community.

To learn more about Studio Gorgeous and the Get Gorgeous @ HOME events click here

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