Street Style Huntress: In front of the camera for Avenue Magazine

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(Photo courtesy of Avenue Magazine. January 2012 Issue, Style Q&A. Photography by Jared Sych, Hair and makeup by Kate Barutowicz.)

Avenue Magazine got in touch with me a few weeks ago and asked if I’d be interested in being featured as their Style Q&A for the January 2012 issue. It took me longer to write this sentence then it did to answer with a joyous and enthusiastic YES! I’m so thrilled, honoured and excited that words alone can’t describe what I’m feeling.

As excited as I am about all of this, I couldn’t help but be slightly nervous about the experience of having the camera turned on me. I’ve been street style hunting for months and months and have been photographing for a long time. For the most part, I prefer to stay behind the lens and capture the world’s beauty and show my vision and perspective as a photographer.

Well, not this time. The great news is that my nervousness went away very quickly as Avenue and their amazing team managed to make me comfortable in front of the camera the second that I stepped into the spotlight, and made the entire experience flawless, fun and exciting. What added to the amazing experience was the fact that my lovely and talented sister, Kate Barutowicz , was the makeup artist on the shoot. She of course rocked it out hard and helped me feel even more delighted about the entire adventure.

The photo shoot took place at The Bank downtown on Stephen Avenue in November, and we arrived early to get set up for the day. This was my first time at The Bank, and I was impressed that Avenue would choose this venue for me. There is something loud and distinct about this place, and really, very fitting for me. We started with the first shot on the grandiose staircase, and I instantly felt at home.

Throughout the five outfits and scene changes, I had the time of my life! Thank you to Avenue Magazine and the entire team for this amazing experience, and for allowing me to have one of the coolest starts to a year…by not only being on your lovely pages, but also on the cover!!!
To see more photos from the shoot, and to get a little glimpse of who I am and how I feel about fashion, check out the January 2012 Issue of Avenue Magazine!

Street Style Huntress December
After all of my personal antics in front of the camera, I managed to get back to where I really belong…behind the camera and running after stylish strangers on the streets of Downtown Calgary. The end of 2011 has left me with even more enthusiasm and excitement for what 2012 has in store, and I can’t wait to capture more amazing Calgary Street Style this year. Thanks to everyone who I’ve captured so far and I look forward to meeting more amazing and stylish people in 2012! Happy New Year!

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Catie: I love how Catie layers a neutral blazer on top of a printed blouse. Her glasses are amazing, as are her unique and funky earrings.

Myke: This is what I call street style! Myke has a distinct style and rocks it hard, with a lovely bomber jacket, funky glasses and a cool backpack.

Terry: Winter can be hard on style, but Terry doesn’t let that get her down. I love this bold printed jacket, put together with a neutral scarf that comes with the cutest fur pom-poms.

Kelsey: She keeps her look casual and simple, yet classic. She’s like a modern Audrey Hepburn, with feckles!

Robyn: She was surprised that I wanted to photograph her for Downtown Street Style. Why would she be so surprised? Her look is fabulous, from the green boots, to the funky bag. Rebecca, this street style huntress gives you an A!

Val: The beautiful scarf is what really caught my attention. I love the print and rich dark colours. The brown cross-body bag is also a nice and on-point touch.

Kerry: I like how Kerry throws in a pop of colour with the bright flower accessory. Belting a heavy knit sweater is also a great way to add interest to an outfit. Nicely done!







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