Jun 19

Hey! You’ve got Food on Your Shirt

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Food On Your Shirt Logo

Scrub up because it is time for dinner! Dinner on your shirt to be exact. There is a new way to show your love for food, culinary skills and bacon – it is all thanks to Pierre (you may recognize him from hanging out at CHARCUT) and Candace over at foodonyourshirt.com. Combining Candace’s print + business talents with Pierre’s original artwork and his background as a cook, basically they have come up with the most hilarious, eye-catching tees to be seen.

Food On Your Shirt launches on June 20th so the product is still fresh and tasty. Not that it will ever go stale – but just in case they launch a new design EVERY Thursday with a great looking price to go along with it.

Also, you may have noticed their absolute passion for pigs and their bacon.  It is pretty obvious their love of the food – a excerpt from their FAQ page states: “We love all food, but there is one food that stands above all others. There is a fine line between being a vegetarian and being not a vegetarian and that line is made of bacon.”

If that all it takes to be friends with the Food On Your Shirt people – I think we are all okay with crossing that line.

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