Sled Island Survival Kit

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Sled Island is not a festival to take too lightly. Its grueling, thrilling, heartbreaking and life affirming all at the same time. Its a lot to take in so you are going to need the Sled Island Survival Kit in order to hop around from venue to venue without losing steam. We have pulled together the absolute must-haves here - we are talking bottomline - what you need to enjoy Sled Island. Don’t forget to pick up a wristband though!

The Sled Island tote (one) is perfect for stashing a ton of records (two) and other merch while you are traipsing around town. It was designed by Chad Van Gaalen and will serve as the best grocery bag ever once the fest is over.

Bandaids (three) are key. Seriously, throw a ton in your tote or pocket because with all of the moshpits and biking around - you actually might need one. Or if you get a papercut from the Sled Island schedule. Oh, did we mention bikes (four)? Yes, you absolutely need a bike for this festival. Doesn’t matter if its a junker or a shiny new ride - how else did you expect you would get from Tubby Dog to The Legion in record time to see your favourite band play? Don’t forget your helmet (five) and if you don’t have one track down the Prohab Bicycle Society - they are giving away awesome helmets to protect your noggin’ all for a tiny donation.

Beer (six)! Mill St is sponsoring this year’s festival so it is likely while jostling with the masses you might spill a bit on your shirt - so you’ll definitely have to pick up one of the swank Sled Island tees (the technocolour is a personal fave) to mop up your troubles.

Where to buy everything: The totes & tees will be available at all major Sled Island venues or at sledisland.com.  You can grab some bandaids at the downtown Shoppers Drug Mart (317 7 Avenue Southwest). Pick up a bike at Eau Claire. Grab a helmet from the Prohab. Get a pint of Mill St. at any participating Sled Island venue.

Rock on!


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