Harry Rosen’s Made to Measure Event

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This is a guest post by 2012 Downtown Style Icon Faizal. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll remember that Faizal is all about  fine menswear so he jumped at the chance to write about this made-to-measure event.

Were you sitting on your couch watching the Golden Globes last week thinking “Wow George Clooney looks great in that suit”? Well Harry Rosen’s Made to Measure event is back just in time for awards season and I’m here to tell you why you should be as excited as I am. Why buy made to measure?

There are three main reasons to buy made to measure suits:

1. Fit: Everyone has what the Harry Rosen staff like to call “normal abnormalities”; features of our bodies that sometimes make buying an off-the-rack suit difficult when it comes to the perfect fit. It’s no secret that when your suit fits you flawlessly you look better and have more confidence.

2. Fabric: With a made to measure suit you have the ability to choose from a vast selection of fabrics from heavy winter wool to light summer linen and everything in between.

3. Fashion: Adding that extra customizable touch is what makes every made to measure suit unique. The onsite tailors can help you decide which styles work best for you.

This event features tailors and designs from Samuelsohn, a Montréal-based fashion house with a flair for old European styling in contemporary fabrics, as well as Coppley a modern luxury style designer based out of Hamilton. If you are just in need of a new shirt instead of a full suit you can check out the dress shirts by Sartoria and JP Tilford, two of Harry Rosen’s premier brands for great designs and custom fits.

Here are a few final tips for you fashion conscious shoppers: when buying a made to measure suit be sure to add in a few details like a surgeon’s cuff and a ticket pocket. Surgeon’s cuffs are working buttons on the sleeve of a suit jacket that allow your expensive watch to show and shine. A ticket pocket is the third smaller pocket on the front of the jacket above the regular pocket. It’s about half the size and is a nice detailed add-on, with a British history. With unique elements like this you will stand above the crowd of all the other off-the-rack suits.

The made-to-measure event from Harry Rosen runs from January 17th to February 17th. Harry Rosen is located at 317 7 Avenue Southwest inside the CORE Shopping Centre in downtown Calgary.

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