Dec 07

Street Style Huntress: Street Festivals and Shopping Events Galore!

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What I love about Calgary is that a lot of things are happening for the first time…artists are coming out and experimenting, events are being put together and tested out and the city just keep growing…so let’s applaud to that!

With this growth comes the growth of fashion and style. I’m seeing more risks being taken, people pushing the envelope, and in general, wearing outfits that have a little bit more flare. I think that an even bigger round of applause is needed here. With the addition of these exciting events comes more opportunity for me to Street Style Huntress and find stylish Calgarians out and about the city.

This is precisely what happened in November when the Downtown Calgary Association and Market Collective, in collaboration with Light & Soul Creations presented the first ever STREET FROSTIVAL on Stephen Avenue on November 17th . I took the opportunity to go full force and find a lot of stylish people in one place, and not only did I have a blast photographing and meeting stylish strangers, I also bumped into a lot of friends, celebrated art, checked out some bad portraits and heard some great local music.

Another great event worth mentioning is the Core’s ‘Twas the Night event. I was there again this year to capture stylish Calgarians as they arrived to shop the night away, and I was very pleased with all of the great style that I found. This year seemed a little bit more casual and rock and roll, which I loved, with a few amazing dressy pieces thrown into the mix. Everyone was once again excited and ready to get their shop on.

What a great way to not only celebrate our city, but the wonderful year that I had as your local Street Style Huntress!

Happy Holidays and cheers to the new year…and happy styling, of course! I look forward to a lot more amazing Calgary style in 2013!



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