Downstage Theatre uses a small space to tell a large story

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Downstage Theatre presents In the Wake, a theatre piece with no props or stage, just four people on a box. Oh, and two people play the chairs on occasion.

Delving into the issue of climate change and its effect on ocean waters, the cast explores every twist and turn of the topic, making sure to demonstrate the political complexities of the problem. Dealing with geo-engineering and eco terrorism, the play features a community off the west coast of Canada that has a dead zone in their waters. An oxygen deprived part of the ocean that isn’t allowing for any wildlife. Showcasing many characters within the community, the story covers different points of view without being preachy, presenting the audience with the ideas and problems surrounding the issue.

The play is physically demanding on the ensemble, as not only does each cast member plays several characters at a time, they also play the props and the set. Each character twists their bodies to be a barnacle for example, or two people come together to be the computer. Dealing with the dark, politically charged subject matter is eased with this comedic aspect. The audience starts to look forward to what they will create next. (The audience favourite was a vespa)

Set to live music, composed and performed by Ethan Cole, In the Wake is a thoughtful, innovative and challenging piece of creative work and is a must see within the High Performance Rodeo.

In the Wake plays it’s last show at High Performance Theatre on Sunday, January 16, 2022 at Lunchbox Theatre. Buy tickets at hprodeo.ca.

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