Love thyself

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Thank you, Clinton.

Thank you for your sage words of wisdom, a positive message that women everywhere should embrace.

Clinton Kelly, the style guru and co-star of TLC’s What Not to Wear, paid a brief visit to Calgary to pass on fashion advice to about 500 guests at the TELUS Convention Centre. The Styling Your Life event was hosted by Studio Gorgeous, Fashion Central and Downtown Calgary and benefited the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

He walked in on two people gettin’ busy in what he thought was his hotel room, he got White Hatted by Tourism Calgary and he got asked if he’s married to his fabulous co-star Stacy London.

He also directed us to find the ability to love ourselves … just as we are.

Stop focusing on your imperfections and celebrate who you are, he told the enraptured audience.

“Stop using the word ‘hate’ when talking about your body and body parts,” he declared. “You’re internalizing negative energy.”

During question period, one woman referred to herself as a ‘Humpty Dumpty body type’ and Clinton gently berated her for doing exactly what he had told her not to.

Why do women do that, he wondered aloud, noting we ought to love ourselves, be happy with what we have and think positive thoughts.

It’s really the message Kelly and London pass on during What Not to Wear episodes, especially finding the part of your body you love and accentuating it.

“Embrace your own imperfections,” he said. “We are all magnificent creatures.”

Then again, you came here looking for the style advice he passed on to the folks in the audience, didn’t you?

So, here are a few tips he passed along:

  • If a piece is two sizes too big, get rid of it. You’re giving yourself mental permission to get that big again.
  • They call lululemon ‘athletic wear’ because it’s for athletic endeavours. Stop wearing it out for the sake of ‘being comfortable.’
  • Get a professional bra fitter to help you find the correct size for your boobies and make sure your breasts sit at the distance halfway between your shoulder and your elbow.
  • Tell your daughters supermodels are ‘freaks of nature.’
  • If you can’t wear heels, for whatever reason, raise your waist-line to compensate and make your legs look longer.
  • NEVER wear lightwash jeans and crosstrainers … they are the bane of Clinton’s existence.
  • When you’re wearing ‘comfortable’ clothes, you stop thinking about your body and respecting it.
  • You can wear miniskirts after 35 but if you have to ask yourself ‘am I too old to be wearing this,’ you probably are.

Clinton admitted he isn’t interested in fashion. He doesn’t clamour to find out what’s on the runways every season. He doesn’t scour the big magazines looking for the next great trend.

He’s interested in style.

“I want to know what makes us look good and what makes us feel better about ourselves,” he said.

And that’s what What Not to Wear is all about.

“I love what our show does for women,” he said. “It helps them change their lives for the better. They get new jobs, they get promotions at work, they meet the loves of their lives.

“We effect change in their lives. Style is a tool to show people how you expect to be treated … with respect.”

Now get out there and start styling your life!

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