The Palomino: Takes One and Two

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It’s only fitting that The Palomino on 7th Avenue has a Western flair, being that it’s named after a horse’s coat colour. It is an unpretentious pub with delicious down-home cooking, a relaxed environment and a live music venue in the basement. I’d probably refer to it as a dive bar, but I mean it in a good way.

We headed there to see a friend of a friends band play and grabbed some dinner before the show.  We snagged a great seat near the door to their large patio because it was one of a few rare beautiful spring nights. When the time to order came around I decided on the mac & cheese made with white cheddar, Canadian cheddar and blue cheese. Tasty, but I preferred the garlic fries my boyfriend was eating. Apparently they are famous for these suckers and now I know why. Delicious, but vampires beware! I heard many rave reviews on the bacon wrapped corn, as well but will have to go back and try that another time.  Since the Palomino is also the home of the “Deerhunter,” a shot made with Jaagermeister, Chambord and Red Bull, I felt that I was obliged to try that as well.  Not bad at all!

The headliner of the night was a band from Bearspaw called Early on Sunday.  The lead singer, Kristopher Finch, belted out original rock tunes between sips of his double vodka sodas to a small but lively crowd (and by lively I mean drunk). He had a powerful voice and his antics were rather entertaining. The third song in, there was a microphone malfunction that kind of set the tone for the show, which I would describe as Circus Sideshow-esque, but I would definitely check them out again.

We had a great time, but I have to admit that having moved here recently from Vancouver I was pretty surprised that a great little live music venue like this right in the downtown core wasn’t busier with people out supporting local talent on a Friday night. I’m excited to head back there between June 22-25 to check out a couple of more shows as part of Sled Island, when 200 Artists will hit up 30 select venues around the city.  Check out the line up and schedule here.


It was a birthday double-header, so we popped over to The Palomino for lunch. This time I tried the Applewood smoked pulled pork sandwich, which came with a choice of two sides. They had some really unique options! I was in the mood for comfort food, so I picked the rustic Yukon Gold & sweet potato mash and garlic fries. One of my co-workers is in love with the Jack Daniels apples.   It was a great meal and I will definitely head back there - next time for the Cowboy Brunch menu (served on Saturday’s from 10:30AM-3PM).  I’m debating between the Huevos Palominos and the Hangover Hash….or maybe the Peanut Butter & Banana French Toast. Sounds like the kind of breakfast that’s fit for a King or Queen, Stampede King or Queen that is.

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