5 Days in a Box on Stephen Ave

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Ever wonder what 5 days in isolation might create? Well, if you happen to be walking along Stephen Avenue this week you may find out.

Starting on Monday, October 1st you can get a firsthand look at the creative process of a very talented local artist, Daniel J. Kirk, or the “Boy in the Box,” as we lovingly refer to him.

During his five days in a glass box in the heart of downtown Calgary, Kirk will abstain from all forms of media and focus solely on his art.

What is so unique about this project, titled Cavernous Isolata iii, is the fact that the viewer can actually witness the intimate creation of art, which is a part of the process that one is not often privy to.

The public is welcome to write down any questions and comments for the artist on the notepad provided and leave your message in the box.

Stop by before 5:00pm on Friday, October 5th to see the artist in action and view the work that this unique environment spawns.

Once the 5 days are up, the box will be dismantled and each 4’x4’ panel of Kirk’s work will be auctioned off.

This is the third project of its kind done by Kirk. The other two can be viewed here.

One of Kirk’s most recent projects was the murals at the EPCOR Centre on the exterior walls of the Arts Learning Centre, and the staircase in Centre Court.

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