Street Style Huntress: Urban & a whole lot of Pop!

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Whenever I’m at The Core I always stop at Urban first. It’s one of my favourite stores, and not only because they carry Vero Moda and Only, which I love, but because everything in the store is absolutely fabulous. I’ve only ever received the greatest and friendliest customer service, and after shopping there for the past few years, I almost feel like I’m part of the Urban clan. They welcome me in with smiles and joy, and it’s a treat to go in there and catch up with the familiar faces and check out their newest arrivals.

Aside from the staff being friendly and helpful, they are also very stylish and have a sense of style that is unique and individual to each employee. This is where I had the pleasure of meeting Natalie Pop.

As if her outfit, hair and personality weren’t perfect already, I think that her name is perfection as well, as she certainly does pop!
Right when met Pop, I knew that I’d have to pull her out of work and photograph her fantastic personal style, adorned with none other than shiny skinny pants in a funky tone, with beige combat boots, a grey cardigan and a fantastic black shimmery button-up adorned with zippers on the shoulders. And to top it all off, she rocks an amazing hair style, and the coolest zipper necklace I’ve ever seen.

Pop has only been at Urban since June, but her favourite part is helping people find fantastic outfits and dressing her customers. She loves to style and put outfits together as she works with the clothes each day, particularly in the menswear section. She’s artistic and hopes to inspire other people, whether it comes from her writing, singing, dancing or fashion styling talents.

Now, do you see why Urban is an ultimate favourite? So the next time you’re at The Core, stop in and you just might find me in amongst the fabulous fashion, chatting with the stylish and awesome staff. Until next time, much love from your Street Style Huntress!


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