The Getdown Skinny: Wooing the Valentine

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This is a post by guest blogger Stephanie Fowler. She’s a fashion illustrator in Calgary. If you’re interested in blogging for GetDown, learn how here.

So Calgary, in case it managed to escape your attention this year, once again we are quickly approaching Valentine’s Day. Stuck on an idea for treating your sweetheart? Or are you single and ready to get down and mingle? Read on. We’ve got the low down on where to go and the sweet trouble you can get yourself into, all within a stone’s throw.

Stop 1: Twigs

Whether for the love of your life or just to go on with your bad self, this is the first stop to make on Stephen Ave to get your evening started off right. This charming little shop never fails to catch the eye with its inviting displays and floral arrays. You can even peruse for the added touch of jewellery or gift-ware for your home space. Just the little touch you need to get the evening off on the right foot.

Stop 2: the Tribune Steakhouse

While the menu may advertise a vast array of options, the Trib is offering a three course set special that actually runs from Valentine’s day right into Friday and Saturday evening. Call to book your reservations now, you can even add in a wine option for a few extra dollars.

 Stop 3: The Cellar

Hop across the avenue and down into the depths of The Cellar to indulge in the Sweet and Sticky. Tickets are available for a limited time for you and a date, be it that special someone or your best pal, to pair a few of the top notch wines the Cellar has to offer with a few succulent sweets, a perfect night out for indulging that sweet tooth.



Stop 4: The Libertine Public House

Last on our list of options for the evening is the Libertine Public House. Also offering a three course set meal and wine pairing, this deal won’t have you breaking the bank for your sweetheart – or bestie if that’s the way you choose to play. Once dinner is done, hang out a little longer to nurse an extra glass of wine or spirits to sit, see and be seen.

With such an array of options, Valentine’s should go down just like a fine wine, smooth to the finish.

Stephanie Fowler is a fashion illustrator loving life in Calgary.  Her blog, www.designbystreetlight.com is updated three times a week with looks she’s seen around town and had to capture in paint.  Follow her on instagram and twitter (designbystlight), or take a look through her online store for a selection of her blog prints, cards and upcoming 2013 calendar.

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