Art Central: Calgary’s Diamond in the Rough

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This is a post by guest blogger Stephanie Fowler. She’s a fashion illustrator who loves downtown Calgary. If you’re interested in blogging for GetDown, learn how here.

Nestled on the corner of 7th Avenue and 1St Street, right on the train line stands our very own Art Central, an intimate tribute to Calgary’s art scene, and home and hub for some of our own talented artists.  Walk through the doors and into the beautifully open atrium, with its inviting staircase beckoning the eye both up and down.  Words cannot to convey the visual impact this venue will have on your senses the moment you arrive.  Three floors total, teeming with shops, galleries, and studios alike just beckoning you beyond their open doors, once inside this place is near irresistible. 

Home to an impressive array of goods ranging from the stunning arrangements of bouquets spilling out into the courtyard from La Fleur, or the unique styles of Goya Gallery, with its beautifully laid out selection of clothing and jewellery, or fresh on the scene EG Forge with its carefully crafted handbags and satchels, the selection is sure to impress, and remind you to come back often.

Don’t forget to stop in at DeVille Coffee on your way through – their Life-Changing tuna salad sandwich rocked my world nearly a year ago and I have been trying desperately to recreate it at home ever since.  They also consistently house an impressive line up of Nutella jars on their shelves, and can spin pure magic in a latte.  The cafe feels right at home inside this impressive venue, taking as much pride in its architecture and design as it does in the variety of sandwiches, sweets and coffee it is known for.

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