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It’s time to Poutine with Purpose!

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Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year back again - Poutine Week! Poutine Week in Calgary is as guilt-free as you can get, since every poutine purchased at participating restaurants gives a meal to youth in need through Mealshare. This April 20 - 28, eat freely and Poutine with Purpose!

Did you know that one in four youth are malnourished? Mealshare hopes to change that by partnering up with restaurants which then place the Mealshare logo beside one or more meals. If those meals are ordered, a donation is passed on to Mealshare in order to provide one youth with a healthy meal. It’s that easy!

During Poutine Week, every poutine purchased at participating restaurants meals a meal for a child in need. Not only do you get to eat plenty of delicious and inventive poutines, but you also get to give back!

In 2017, Calgary Poutine Week sold 8,000 poutines which means 8,000 youth received a free meal.

All you have to do is:

  1. Find a poutine or restaurant you want to try
  2. Eat poutine
  3. Provide a meal to a youth in need
  4. Talk about it on social media with #PoutineWeekYYC

It’s that easy! Participating restaurants are broken down by neighbourhood - see here for the full list. Luckily, downtown Calgary is chock-full of interesting poutines. So get out your stretchy pants, pick your favourites and get eating!

Downtown Restaurants participating in Poutine Week: 

Bank and Baron
Pesto chicken poutine - Grilled chicken, red onion, pesto, brie, roast garlic aioli, chicken gravy, beer battered fries

Goro + Gun
Kumamoto A5 Wagyu beef poutine. Crispy fries topped with A5 Kumamoto wagyu beef, sautéed wild mushrooms, cheese curd, nori, and house made wagyu gravy. $29

Paper St
Mac Daddy Poutine. Macaroni and cheese, Wagu beef hot dog, Fries, Cheese curds, Sriracha, Seasoned bread crumbs and green onions.

National 8th
Hickory Smoked Pork Poutine. 12 hour smoked Alberta pork shoulder, mesquite bacon, cheese curds, chili jack cheese, lime crema, fries, gravy.

Pig and Duke Pub
The Farm Poutine; smoked pulled turkey, beef bacon, pork Kielbasa, crispy duck proscuitto,
poultry rubbed chicken wing, roasted corn, goat cheese & curds on top of steak cut fries & Pig Sauce.

Secret Sauce Poutine; ground hand pressed beef patty, shrettuce, cCrispy white onion, beef gravy, toasted sesame
‘Murican cheddar, Kennebec hand cut fries, ONE18 secret sauce.

Ceilis Downtown
Perogy Poutine – Cheddar perogies, bacon bits, caramelized onions, Quebec curds, gravy, sour cream

Italian Poutine; bolognese, baby potato, burrata

Brewsters Beer Revolution
Pulled Pork Poutine; BBQ pulled pork, buffalo bbq sauce, gravy, cheese curds, smoked Gorgonzola, dill pickle and creamy coleslaw with sweet potato & french fries.

Vietnamese Chicken Sub Poutine - cucumber, carrot, cilantro, sour cream aioli. $17

Last Best Brewing
Dry Aged Steakhouse Poutine; dry aged beef belly, crispy Oyster mushrooms, Tiger Blue cheese, Sylvan Star cheese curds, demi gravy on Steak Fries Gravy Bowl Entry

The Guild
1) Le Classic; cheese curds, chicken gravy, crunchy stuff

2) The Frenchie; Quebec-style poutine, pulled roast chicken, cheese curds, green peas, bacon, chicken gravy

3) Duck Kimchi Poutine; roast Peking duck, cheese curds, gochujang sauce, crispy chicken skin, kimchi, spicy mayo

4) Lamb Shawarma Poutine; shaved lamb, cucumber, tomato, cheese curds, feta, pickled cabbage, banana peppers, roasted garlic and tahini gravy

5) Triple Cheese Poutine; American cheddar, cheese curds, Mornay cheese sauce, crispy shallots

6) Smoky Beef Bourguignon Poutine; smoked brisket, mushrooms, bacon lardons, pickled pearl onions, cheese curds, whisky jus

Cluck N Cleaver
Rottiserie Chicken Poutine; house kennebec cut fries, topped with Cluck N Cleavers french rotisserie chicken, Quebec cheese curds, and our housemade chicken gravy.

Gruman’s Deli
1) Smoked and Poached Breakfast Poutine with Montreal smoked meat, Quebec cheese curds, poached eggs and home-style hashbrowns topped with Hollandaise

2) Slow Oven Roasted Brisket Poutine; house cut Kennebec potatoes, Quebec cheese curds and house beef gravy

OEB Downtown
Soul in a Bowl Poutine; two poached eggs, herbed potatoes, Saint Cyrille curds, slow cooked bacon lardons and a brown butter hollandaise.

Your choice of 1) Traditional  2) Campfire or 3) Breakfast Poutine, served at all Hudson locations

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