Calgary Parks 100 Anniversary: Part 4

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Seen the metal birds in the water feature at Olympic Plaza and notice that they move around to different locations depending on the day?  You are seeing BIG SKY , one of six art installations scattered throughout the park space.  All the art installations are a part of Calgary Parks 100 Anniversary celebration.  For the summer of 2010 Olympic Plaza has been transformed into an ephemeral (temporary) gardens.  These are popular features across the world, which enhance the park experience by transforming them into uniquely interactive spaces.

As the designer describes (Pete North, North Design Office):

The gathering of birds is to remind visitors of the unique vastness of Alberta’s sky and celebrate its ever shifting, fleeting, ephemeral quality that contributes to Calgary’s identity.

The big blue dots are suppose to symbolize pixels  and the patterned surface of the sky.  I am sure it looks great from overhead, but at ground level it seems to be a stretch for me to visualize. I had no clue what they were for until it was explained.  All of a sudden I had an Aha! moment.

All in all , I think this is is nice temporary change to the usual summer fountains, but not in my top three of favourites.

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