Alberta Provincial Election, April 23rd, 2012

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There is election fever in Alberta, and the front page of every newspaper is keeping a close eye on candidates as election day gets closer and closer. Between the many options you have on Monday, my personal opinion is that there is only one correct choice: voting.

Though the NHL playoffs may be the most important contest on the minds of most Albertans, even the most dedicated of hockey fans should take some time to cast a ballot. Young and old, suburban and downtown dwellers alike are affected by the results of elections, and to ensure your voice is heard, you must vote. Important issues like the economy, jobs, the environment, culture and healthcare will all be impacted by the results of this election. While voting can sometimes seem futile, the outstanding win of Naheed Nenshi in 2010 should give Albertans hope that their vote matters.

For those interested in voting, but unsure on how to determine what party should get their vote, a vote compass website has been setup to help determine your political leanings. By answering a few questions relating to your opinion on governmental matters, the website can help guide you towards the candidate that might best reflect your views at the legislature in Edmonton. Additionally, Naheed Nenshi has setup the website CitiesMatter.ca to help city dwellers understand where the different parties stand on urban issues, and covers both Calgary and Edmonton.

Regardless of who you vote for come election day, I suggest you stand and be heard. Casting a ballot is a freedom that many take for granted, and is something that people around the world have worked and died for. Vote on April 23rd.

For more information, see the Official Elections Alberta website
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