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Street Style Huntress: Inspired in Chicago

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A couple of months back I wrote about Nylon Magazine and how it has been a huge inspiration in my life, my style and how it ignites my love for finding and capturing street style. Beyond Nylon and their street style books, I’ve also been creeping street style blogs from around the world for the past few years, and these have become daily addictions for me. There’s nothing like having the opportunity to see what people are wearing on the streets in a city you’ve only dreamed of going.

And then comes a time when you can shut your laptop and bask in inspiration on the physical sidewalks of a city you’ve always dreamed of going…for me, one of these cities is Chicago. So clearly, my May highlight would have to be said city!

I’ve been dying to go to for years, and it was in this magical city that I was able to garner much inspiration and excitement for street style. The energy and vibe on Chicago streets is warm, friendly, fun, and of course, stylish. I loved all the various looks that I spotted in the downtown core and beyond. One of my favourite neighbourhoods was Bucktown, the Brooklyn of Chicago, where many lovely hipsters hang out and showcase their amazing senses of style.

Before I left for my trip I made the conscious decision to photograph architecture and architecture alone. I knew that if I even attempted delving into snapping a single street fashion photo, I would be doomed, and that is all I would end up doing for my entire stay. Who are we kidding, I would probably still be there snapping away, changing my flights home and basking in all the lovely that the city had to offer.

But my time to leave had to eventually come, and I return with nothing but a new love for a city that I’ve wanted to visit for many years, and an energy that I don’t think I could have found anywhere else. Thanks for breathing new excitement and inspiration into my life, Chicago!

Photo Time:

Since I dedicated last month’s Street Style Huntress action to the gentlemen of YYC, I’m going to turn it back to the ladies for a second, and start it all off by backtracking a little bit to early April and the first of many Runway Monthly events, held at The Bank on Stephen Avenue. Many a fashionistas came out for the event, and I was lucky enough to capture some of the great looks.

Beyond the first Runway Monthly, I went about my business as usual, meeting and photographing stylish people at The Core, outside of restaurants and bars, and of course, on the streets.



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