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Stephen Avenue Street Piano

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Street Piano Stephen Avenue Walk Downtown Calgary

Noticed a piano on Stephen Avenue? This street piano has been on Stephen Avenue 24/7 since June 2012 and is holding strong. So far the piano has endured rain and extreme heat, the 100th year Stampede crowds, late night gatherings from nightclub patrons and everything in between.

The piano was put out as a crime deterrence tool but is it working? It’s too early to tell for certain, but it certainly is adding to the vibrancy of Stephen Avenue and putting smiles on people’s faces. It is allowing the opportunity for those who haven’t touch a piano in years, and those who play frequently to add their own sound to downtown Calgary.

Aside from the opportunity to play, the piano has brought out the best in Calgarians. Some volunteers have been coming down at 2 a.m to make sure the piano is covered from the rain and when the cover and tarp were taken, they brought their own garbage bags to cover it.

Local businesses have kindly made donations and people have volunteered their time and service to tune the piano and fix broken keys so everyone may continue to enjoy it. Business men and women, street people, and tourists have been sharing music, experiences, and stories as the piano draws people to it with beautiful notes and comforting sounds.

The street piano his improved the sense of community and pride and has everyone stopping to listen, talk, and of course play. It doesn’t matter if you play Beethoven or chopsticks, anytime you feel like playing a song, come down and tickle the ivories of this crime fighting piano.

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