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Getting to Know the Style Icons: Jarett

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September is Back to Style month, and this year we picked four Calgarians who we think embody downtown style.

Amongst our picks is Jarett Sitter, an artist who works and lives in the inner-city. When he’s not at his day-job making animations for eLearning software, he’s drawing comics, contributing his art to music videos, painting murals or writing for Beatroute and FREQ Magazines. You can see his work on his website

Yes, Jarett is a busy guy and while he’s not exactly a household name (yet) he has lent his hand to some pretty interesting projects.

He shared a booth at the 2011 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo with his roommate (who’s also a talented artist) selling prints, did the animation for a Juno nominated music video by Mother Mother, inked the cover-page for FFWD Weekly’s 2011 wrap-up issue, and that’s just scratching the surface.

I’ve known Jarett for about 8 years, we went to the University of Lethbridge together and we’ve been pretty good friends since I moved back to Calgary a few years ago. I was the one who suggested he apply to be a Style Icon, but I had very little to do with the final selection of the applicants.

Jarett’s style is influenced by the music and art that is such a big part of his life, drawing mainly from his love of Hip-hop. His style is described by some as ‘Street-wear’ but is by no means a carbon-copy of his favourite MCs.

“I don’t really dress like a rapper, but it’s just another way to express what I want to get across. The same with my art, I’m trying to get a message across. I don’t want to dress like a slob, I want to say a bit about who I am.”

A slob he is not, although his day-to-day wear wouldn’t necessarily be appropriate in the boardroom of an energy company it fits in perfectly at his office where creativity and originality are a key component to success.

When he’s not chained to his desk, working on one of his many on-going projects you can find Jarett hitting Stephen Ave for lunch. Like me, he has pretty simple tastes that can be satisfied by one of the many food vendors who setup shop on 8th ave over the summer, but he’s been known to indulge in the finer things like dinner at Murrieta’s.

You can follow Jarett on twitter @JarettSitter or read his blog.

We’ll be showcasing the rest of our style icons over the next few days and weeks, so stay tuned for more on Back to Style.


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