Street Style Huntress: Back-to-Style Month

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Celebrating Style Icon, Deitra Kalyn…

September is my favourite month of the year, and this has become even more true in the last couple of years as September has grown into being Back to Style Month.

Four lovely and stylish people were chosen to be Downtown Calgary’s Style Icons 2012, and as the Street Style Huntress, I’ve decided to get in on the fun of this exciting month by capturing extra street style all month long. 

Each Friday this month I will be posting looks that are reminiscent and inspired by each four of this year’s icons, starting with Deitra Kalyn. I have the lovely pleasure of calling Deitra a friend, whom I met a few years ago while working in theatre, and I’m very thrilled that this stylish and lovely woman has been chosen to be a part of this cool event.

Deitra has an amazing style and vision, and her creativity as a costume designer is absolutely evident in the clothes that she chooses to express herself in. I was also able to capture Deitra’s amazing personal style last year in my Swerve Style YYC, and the two photos above are from that session.

When I went scouting for stylish people whose styles were evocative of Deitra’s, I was looking for creativity, uniqueness, cool patterns and fabrics, and a general vibe of funk and tons of personality.

Stay tuned for next week when I celebrate and track down Faizal’s confident style.

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