Sep 21

Five Minutes with a Downtown Stylist!

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Styled to the CORE, The CORE’s newly launched Personal Styling program features Brenna Hardy of, the downtown stylist in-the-know specializing in wardrobe management to personal shopping + styling. We had a quick chat with Brenna about the program and what kind of changes she can bring to your wardrobe this fall!

Brenna Hardy Styleista 'Style To The CORE'

How do you know when you need the help of a stylist?
If you find yourself struggling with what to wear, how to wear it, what colors look good on you or what styles look good on your body type. Or if you just want some insight into current trends and how to wear them or help dressing for a big event.

Is there any common misconceptions about stylists? Too expensive for the average person?
I think typically people probably think of celebrities having stylists and not realizing that it is more mainstream and affordable than just the celebrity world.

How do you figure out someone’s style upon meeting them? Do you discuss their needs – career, etc?
We would discuss there needs and lifestyle and determine their style and budget and work from there.

What makes this styling program different than other shopping centre’s?
The program at the CORE is much more detailed, tailored and affordable than the few others offered in the country.

How much time do you spend shopping per week?
Depends on how many clients I am shopping for in a given week as it varies but on average I would say 10 hours.

To learn more about the program and to book your personal shopping experience, click here. Brenna was selected as one of this year’s Downtown Calgary Style Icons, you can learn more about her and enter to win a styling session at the Downtown Calgary Back to Style page.

To see some more fashion looks inspired by Brenna, check out our street style huntress Aldona’s newest post.

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