This Little Piggy Went to Charcut

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Select restaurants in Calgary are showcasing “the other white meat” with special features during the week of October 15-21.

Passion for Pork, which celebrates local pork and the farmers that produce it, is happening at 14 restaurants across the city, including 5 in the Downtown core. 

Considering one of Charcut‘s co-owner/co-executive chef’s, Connie DeSousa, can debone a pig’s head in around three minutes, I couldn’t think of a better place to start.

I had the “Charcut PLT,” and for only $15.00 I received a house-made back bacon sandwich, with arugula, heirloom tomatoes, and salsa verde aioli.  It also came with their famous Parmesan fries, and the soup of the day, which was carrot cumin.

To finish it off there was a bag with 2 delicious chocolate chip cookies to go, because God knows I could not fit anything else in my tummy at that point!

One of my co-workers had the other feature, the Porchetta Rotisserie, with flavours of rosemary, garlic, fennel and lemon.  This was also served with the Parmesan fries, as well as an arugula salad with a Tabasco buttermilk dressing, roasted garlic, and a bag of cookies and coffee to go for only $25.00.

It looked fantastic.  I thought about asking for a bite , but she’s pregnant so I decided not to mess with her food!

If you’re looking for an opportunity to try pork in a way you may not have previously considered, check out one of these participating restaurants:  Charcut Roast HousedowntownfoodHome Tasting RoomLibertine Public House, and Sunterra Markets.

Little Known Fact:  Pork is actually a red meat.  Meat from all cloven-hooved animals is classified as “red.”  This, and other interesting facts about pork can be found at the Passion for Pork site here.

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