Dec 18

Huron Carole at the Jack Singer Concert Hall

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For the past 20 years or so, Canadian entertainer Tom Jackson has been working to eliminate hunger and spread joy through Canada. Each year Tom Jackson and a few of his musician friends hit the road and perform shows across the country to raise money and awareness for hungry families.

The Huron Carole is a Christmas song that was originally written in 1634 by a missionary in the native tongue of the Huron people of early Canada. It tells the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus, and has since been translated in to many other languages. It’s thought to be one of the oldest and most popular Canadian Christmas songs.

In addition to Tom Jackson, the Calgary performance features Sarah Slean, Matt Dusk and Susan Aglukark and the entire event will benefit the Calgary Foodbank.

The Huron Carole
Thursday, Dec. 20th 8 pm
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