Dec 05

Street Style Huntress: ‘Twas the Night

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Coming together with thousands of Calgarians to an exclusive one-night shopping event with the red carpet rolled out and ready, the entire thing tends to bring on an exciting and bold energy that can be quite contagious.

I love the beautiful and stunning 45-foot Christmas tree, the live entertainment, and most of all, the fantastic outfits that come out each year, ready to be photographed. But truth be told, as much as the glitter and the fashion excites me, it’s the supportive and charitable nature of the event that really warms my heart.

This year the red carpet was hosted by E-Talk’s Tanya Kim - who was super sweet and a delight to all the guests - and the musical entertainment was provided by the stylish and talented Matt Dusk. I once again decided to do a little bit more walking around and photographed some of these stylish people doing what they do best - shopping! So here they are…

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Because there were so many great shots, we put together a little gallery for you as well! Please enjoy.

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