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Street Style Huntress: All of Us Together

by Aldona Barutowicz · 2 comments

Sometimes you’ll meet someone and they radiate with charisma and beauty, and Jennifer Dooley is certainly one of those people. What’s even more astounding is when you discover that the charisma and beauty they possess comes from the inside and is accompanied by many other amazing qualities, such as genuine care, intelligence and drive.

So if the obvious weren’t enough, you then discover that Dooley’s ambition has brought her to various countries around the world, and her love and inspiration for art and fashion are bringing some amazingly cool things to Calgary. She’s been working for years to support art in our city and beyond, and that abutment is bringing forth a lot of cool projects as she brings to light amazing art, and let’s not forget, some fabulous fashion too.

You might know some of her work under the moniker Art House - All of Us Together, although Dooley is also an artist in her own right. She lives between Calgary and Australia, and her passions lie in collaborating, empowering and building community within the arts community. Art House was established to do just that, and Dooley has seen much success with her various endeavors.

Aside from all of these ventures, Dooley has also managed to rock it out as an official blogger, photo journalist and visual artist for the Sydney Fringe Festival over the past couple of years, and her personal photography work has taken an inspired and fabulous turn with her exploration of what it means to be female, leading to her photography series entitled “Inspiring Femininity”, which has been projected using light art graffiti above a train station in St. Peters, Sydney, and in the East Village, Calgary.

After returning from her latest trip to Australia, Dooley brought back a lot of funky clothing that she found while overseas. When she suggested that I take a look at her amazing finds, I jumped on the opportunity and couldn’t wait to style and photograph her fabulous Australian finds. To say that we had a great time would be the biggest understatement of the year, so hopefully the photos and outfits will be enough to show how much excitement and enthusiasm went into this fashion feat.

From Australia to Calgary’s Art Central, get ready for some magical and inspired fashion style.

Outfit One: Accent in Red 

This fantastic light wool dress in a mid-grey is adorable, and made even more so with the addition of fur on its short sleeves. Aside from the fur, the dress is simple enough so that I was able to play around with accessories and added a few interesting elements to really make this outfit pop. I love the addition of high knee socks with a bold red boot, and of course a red lip to finish the ensemble off!

Outfit Two: Chapeau 

There’s nothing quite like a fabulous hat, and this brugundy wide rimmed floppy bohemian is just that, if not more.

When I saw this adorable dress I actually squealed, as the combination of tulle, a polka dot neckline and the beautiful pale colour almost took me over the edge. I decided to pair the softness of the dress with a much heavier fur vest, and dark patterned tights to bring it all together. An ankle bootie in a lovely light shade completes this second Australian fashion gem.

Outfit Three: Print Ready

I love mixing prints in various combinations, and sometimes like to toss it up and make my outfits unexpected and unique. What you can’t see in these photos is that the blue and white striped bottom is actually a dress, and I chose to toss in a flower printed top to mix things up a bit.

To take the print mixing to the next level, I also added polka-dot hells in a bright red to complete Dooley’s look.


As happy as I am to showcase these lovely fashions, I’m even happier to share the news that Dooley is currently busy with putting together a new fashion related business venture to be announced later this year - as if she wasn’t busy enough already.

Summer 2013 can’t come fast enough, so stay tuned fashionistas!

For more information on Jennifer Dooley and Art House - All of Us Together, please visit

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