May 15

Spots to Beat the Heat in Downtown Calgary

by Katie Murray · 0 comments

It was hot this past Sunday. Like, really hot, right? Not that I’m complaining! However, as many of us in Alberta live without air conditioning, when summer really gets going, it’s nice to have a destination to head to for a bit of a cool down – and not just the frozen food section at Safeway.

I am a huge fan of being a tourist in your own city. With that in mind, why not beat the heat at the Glenbow Museum this summer? Get there off of Stephen Ave and enjoy their ever evolving exhibits, which currently includes M.C. Escher: The Mathemagician (yup, he’s the guy with all those awesome perspective drawings of hands drawing themselves, and staircases going in all directions. Very cool.).

Also check out the current portion of the ‘Made in Calgary’ yearlong exhibit celebrating local artists; it’s awesome. The Glenbow is open late (till 7:30 pm) on Fridays, making it a great date night destination!

Another awesome (and FREE!) spot to cool down downtown is the Devonian Gardens. Whether or not you’ve had a chance to check out this space before, Calgary’s true ‘urban oasis’ is always a great destination. Now fully re-opened, this space on the top level of the Core Shopping Centre has lots of seating, tons of tropical plants, and even ponds with fish. Almost too good to be true!

Personally, I stumbled on this hectare of urban awesomeness entirely by accident, but having explored it, it quickly became a destination. Enjoy the tropical feel without the heat while you eat your lunch (why not bring a picnic?!), or hang out and read a book on a bench.

Where do you like to cool down, downtown? Let us know! Comment below AND let us know what you’re up to via Twitter & Instagram using the hashtag #IAMDOWNTOWN!

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