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Lunchbox Theatre’s Epiphany is funny and light

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Something happens to Steve when he is shoveling his daughter Amelia’s driveway. Something painful. It’s the holidays and Steve wishes he was better. Better at articulating his feelings, better at knowing what to say, just better. Steve could be a father anywhere, but in this case he is played by Calgary’s own Dave Kelly at Lunchbox Theatre. The play is called Epiphany, and refers to both the Christian festival that honors the coming of the three kings to see Jesus Christ and to the sudden insight into the meaning of something.

Epiphany is a solo performance and is also written by Kelly. It is cut with interludes and interactions from musician Tim Williams who also plays Danny. The story tells of Steve, who is trying to please his wife Ruth by being in her school’s Christmas pageant as a wise man (instead of having three, they just have him), and who is also trying to figure things out with his daughter Amelia who is pregnant.

It’s a simple little story, told in Dave Kelly’s charming way. It has his humour, especially when he is sporting a king’s crown telling the virgin Mary, that no he will not kneel in front of Jesus. Epiphany is genuine and funny. And there is something to be said of someone who can make an audience laugh. William’s musical interludes are a nice touch. Rebecca Toon has Kelly in a particular costume accessory for each character and it allows the story to come alive a little more.

Director Christopher Hunt has Kelly’s transitions from character to character take place in the dark. This disconnects the audience from what is happening on stage, because it happens so often. It makes it so that the narrative isn’t quite as intimate as it could be. The story doesn’t really dig deep. It’s fun and funny. But Dave Kelly has told heartfelt stories on this stage and this one is a plunge into a much lighter, not as poignant narrative.

Lunchbox Theatre’s presentation of Epiphany runs until December 23rd. More information is available online.

Photo Credit: Benjamin Laird Arts & Photo

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