Sep 04

I Believe in Daniel Johnston

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Hello. I am the ghost of Daniel Johnston. Many years ago, I lived in Austin, Texas, and I worked at McDonalds. It is an honour and a privilege to speak to you today to tell you about my condition, and the other world.

Thus begins the 2006 documentary, The Devil and Daniel Johnston. At times heartbreaking, at times exhilarating, the film offers a portrait of the artist/singer/songwriter as a young man. But above all, it is a celebration of both his music, and the inextinguishable nature of the human impulse to create.

Diagnosed many years ago with bipolar disorder, Johnston is, in many ways, simply another link in the long chain of artists who have suffered from mental illness. However, this is not to diminish the raw beauty of the art which he creates. Honest and intriguingly unrefined, Johnston’s lyrics and music find a place in each of us. Whether you love his style or hate it, he provokes a reaction that is difficult to forget.

On Monday, September 7, Johnston brings his distinctive sound to Knox United Church. Part of the fall concert series which will also include Vic Chesnutt and Harry Manx, Johnston will perform at this beautiful venue.

If you haven’t yet seen a concert or music event at Knox, you are in for a treat. Not only is the main sanctuary visually stunning, but the acoustics are divinely inspired. One of the oldest churches in Calgary, its history dates back to 1883, and has existed in its current state since 1912.

Considering the religious themes woven throughout Johnston’s art and music, this brilliant combination of artist and venue will surely prove to be a singular experience.

Tickets for the show can be purchased via Ticketmaster

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