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5 Questions with Beth Gignac - Olympic Plaza is Licensed for Sled Island

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The Sled Island Music and Arts Festival has moved to Olympic Plaza for its main event this year and it’s licensed and all-ages. This is the first time in Calgary that this has happened. Hopefully it goes well, because no one likes to be away from the rest of the action in a fenced off zone. I asked Beth Gignac, from the City of Calgary’s Arts and Culture Department, 5 questions and she had some tips to keep this type of permit available for other festivals in the future.

Is this the first time Olympic Plaza (or any City of Calgary park) has been licensed, but the entire venue has stayed open to all-ages?

This is the first time that this location has been licensed in this way and this is a “pilot” or test case. Licences are approved by the AGLC and, the City of Calgary as the landowner has to approve this type of use also. So, this approval was given in collaboration and consultation with AGLC, Calgary Police Services, Bylaw, Parks, Law and a range of other City of Calgary departments.

What made you choose the Sled Island Music and Arts Festival?

We didn’t “choose” Sled Island. The event organization made the request to the City of Calgary and the AGLC.

How will access be managed?

Access is managed the same way it has always been: by Sled Island staff/volunteers who will be checking for wristbands. Only those folks that are wearing Sled Island festival wristband will be admitted. Approx total occupancy is 3,000. To purchase alcohol, ID will be required.

What would you like to see as a result of this change at the festival?

I don’t understand the question…I don’t expect any changes….this is a relatively minor change in a very small space, frankly.

What are some things attendees should keep in mind to ensure that this kind of licensing will be granted again?

Show ID and be responsible. The same expectations that are always in place for any event with any alcohol consumption whether it is licensed this way or not. Public behaviour that is negative due to excessive alcohol consumption will result in the expulsion of those individuals from the event, per usual. Many events have beer gardens and the same rules apply – be responsible, respectful and enjoy the music!

So what do you think? Would you like to see this kind of permit again at other festivals?

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