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Street Style Huntress: NRT Fashions

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It’s so refreshing and wonderful to meet people who are not only visionaries, but are also passionate and optimistic about what they do for a living. And more than just for a living, as what they do is who they are and their jobs are more than jobs. They are a way of life, a way of art and a way of fashion.

N.R.T. Fashions is the wild and amazing adventure that Nicole Rita Tomney set out on in 2009 after graduating from the fashion design program at Blanche MacDonald in Vancouver. Once she returned to her home in Calgary, Tomney set out to work on her new fashion line and to get her product out there. She started participating in local fashion shows, while working intensely on the other aspects of her business, including promotion and social media, among many others.

Since starting NRT, Tomney has been able to get her fashion into boutiques, music videos, magazines, newspapers, and of course, many fashion shows. She’s been able to showcase her work outside of our dear city, including Vancouver, Toronto and Mexico.

With music as her biggest influence, Tomney has her sights set on big things, including the dream of one day being a store owner, but like her fashion line, this would be no regular store.

To say that Tomney creates a unique and distinct brand is an understatement. Her vision is clear, as is her passion and dedication, and she credits her family for their support. She’s optimistic and excited about what the future holds for her and her company, and her effort to have no boundaries in her designs is certainly the key to her success.

“If you want something bad enough, you’ll get it,” said Tomney, and as far as I’m concerned, she’s right on track to getting it all.

You can find NRT Fashions at www.nrtfashions.com.

Also, did I mention that her personal style is also amazing and creative? Well, it sure is…


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