Sep 11

It’s Amost Timmy Time, Again

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You may recall a heart (and stomach) warming story the inspired Calgarians from the front page of the Calgary Herald last year: the story of Timmy’s Only.

As a refresher, the story featured two men who were homeless at the time, that started a business downtown: ‘Timmy’s Only’. This Tim Horton’s etc. delivery service grew quickly, especially after the Herald article, but unfortunately has not been operating recently. I was lucky enough to sit down (at a Tim Horton’s!) with the interesting entrepreneur behind this venture, Tim Barber, a couple of weeks ago.

Tim speaks passionately about his business, and about the opportunities that he imagines building for other homeless individuals in our city.

‘This is a city that you can make things happen in.’ says Tim, and I could not agree more.

Tim was thrilled to tell me that he currently has a place to live, and had reconnected with a wonderful woman that he first knew more than 15 years ago – this story just keeps getting better! This motivational man knows the value of having a positive outlook, and has big dreams for the future of his business, which may one day include mobile meal delivery.

The Timmy’s Only motto ‘Feel the Warmth’ is something that Tim thinks can be applied to Calgary as a whole, and I must say that I agree. Our city of over 1 million people can often feel like a small town, and we have seen so much recently how wonderful our community can be at coming together. Tim hopes that his business can build on that atmosphere as he works to re-launch Timmy’s Only.

With the hope to re-open in the fall (soon!), Tim is planning for better communication, and more electronic orders to get business booming. Connect with Tim on Facebook and Twitter – send him your encouraging words, and Timmy’s orders!

Think that your co-workers would love a box of Timbits and a coffee at 3:00 pm every Wednesday? I do too, and Tim can make that happen. Lining up some standing orders and guaranteed clients will help Timmy’s Only get back to business, and that means a nice warm drink and maybe even lunch delivered right to your downtown office or home. What could be better? Oh right, you’re helping a great local entrepreneur, too!

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