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‘Closer’ is not a kind stage production

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Ground Zero Theatre and Hit & Myth productions have a history of producing plays that get under your skin. Productions are dark, cutting edge, and provocative. Their newest production of Closer, fits the bill of ‘get under your skin’ theatre.

The play tells of Dan (Curt McKinstry) who meets Alice (Allison Lynch) because he takes her to the hospital when his cab strikes her in a crosswalk. A year later, they are in the throws of a relationship but Dan meets Anna (Alana Hawley) a photographer who is shooting his head shots and falls in love with her. She refuses his advances, saying that he is with Alice. On an online hook up site, Dan meets Larry (Ryan Luhning) and pretends to be Anna for fun. Larry and Anna meet and become a couple. The lines between love and sex, truth and lies blur as both couples switch partners multiple times.

The play is backed strong performances. All four cast members are very talented and both Lynch and Luhning put forward notable performances. Lynch is both vulnerable and young while coming off as mysterious. Luhning embodies the conniving, manipulative Larry quite nicely.

It’s all performed in the intimate space of the Vertigo Studio theatre on a simple set design by Cimmeron Meyer. Meyer also provides simple projection design that fills in the gaps in time, without being overwhelming.

Closer is a strong production, with all the elements blended together deftly by Kevin McKendrick’s hand. It isn’t for an audience who doesn’t like being uncomfortable or who wants to focus on the brighter, kinder characters in life. But as Marber’s Closer puts it: kind is dull, kind will kill you. This production is not a kind production.

Ground Zero Theatre and Hit & Myth Production’s Closer plays until April 5th. More information is available online.

Photo: From left to right - Alana Hawley, Ryan Luhning, Allison Lynch and Curt McKinstry
Credit: Trudie Lee Photography

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