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Street Style Huntress: The Perfect Shade of Lipstick

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Seriously gorgeous, talented, wise and stylish alert! I’m so thrilled to dedicate this edition of the Street Style Huntress to a lovely woman that I finally had the pleasure of meeting a few months ago. When I spotted her at a fashion event, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her and her fantastic style - and I just knew that she needed to be captured asap!

Libertee Muzyka is a woman of many talents - she’s a makeup artist, photographer and blogger, and so it’s no wonder that some serious style creeps in there too! I love her philosophy on staying comfortable while stylish, and finding clothes that enhance her closet and how she feels in the clothes - and of course, chucks! (keep reading).

As for her quest for the perfect shade of lipstick - I think she’s already found it, judging by the photos below.

Make sure you check out more of her fashion, inspiration and her many words of wisdom on her blog -  www.sheandher.ca!


How would you describe your personal style?

I like classic pieces with a bit of an edge. On any given day, youd be likely to catch me in a pencil skirt, a band tee shirt, and a jean jacket with chucks.  On any given night, you could probably catch me in the same outfit swapping the chucks for a pair of stilettos.  Also - long live statement jewellery, boyfriend jeans and red lips. 

What are some of your influences when it comes to fashion?

Im a huge fan of the classics; Marilyn Monroe, Katherine Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, to name a few.  I love the fact that they felt just as comfortable in an evening gown as they did in a pair of mens jeans. Walking the line between elegant and effortless is what they were known for, and its something I remind myself of when Im getting ready - if Im trying really hard, its probably too much, if Im uncomfortable, its not me.

What are some of your favourite stores to shop in Downtown Calgary? 

I believe in equality in all things, including my loyalty when it comes to my consumerism.  I rarely go shopping, but I always keep an eye out - whether its a $7 tee shirt from Forever 21 or a vintage bomber that I pass by in the window of a consignment store - I really try not to discriminate.

What are some of your favourite trends right now?

As Ive gotten older, Ive spent less time focusing on trends. Every now and again, Ill integrate an aspect of a trend into my wardrobe, but when it comes to my closet, I tend to add pieces that will add to it for the long-haul.  

What fashion advice would you give to others?

Invest in the classics, be less self-conscious about repeat wears, black on black on black in a bind. Find a tailor you trust - use their services often.  

Tell us more about the projects and work you are involved with.

My sister Lecina and I host a fashion and beauty blog titled: she and her ( www.sheandher.ca ) The aim of our blog is to speak to women about beauty, fashion and life in a way that is both relatable and attainable. At times, it seems the internet has become a yardstick to which we measure ourselves against - our goal is to provide a dash of realness and perspective during said measuring process.  Few of us are a size zero, and almost none of us have an American Express Black Card, but that shouldn’t prevent us from enjoying the world of fashion and beauty.

What are some of your future aspirations?

I will forever be in search of the perfect shade of lipstick. As a person, I try not to get caught up in where I need to be, and instead focus on appreciating where I am. I don’t mean to confuse this with a lack of ambition - quite the opposite. Today, tomorrow and everyday, I do my very best to capitalize on the opportunities before me, and trust the hard work will pay off. 

How does your work influence your personal style?

I spend a lot of time on set, so its important for my clothes to be functional. Ive made it my life’s mission to impress upon people that fashion can be comfortable.  It can be! I swear - just buy a pair of chucks and it will all make sense. 

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