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RESOLVE to make home a reality for all Calgarians

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In December 2017, we saw a five-day challenge pop-up across social media to #spreadgoodyyc with the intention to carry it forward into everyday and into the new year. Whether or not you participated in the five-day challenge, you or your organization can kick off the new year by spreading good. The RESOLVE Campaign is among many campaigns that is ongoing and strives to eliminate homelessness in Calgary.

Homelessness in Calgary has many faces. It could be the man in the suit across from you on the C-Train on his way to work, the woman in the hardhat doing roadwork near your office, the senior sipping a coffee next to you at Tim Hortons or the parent waiting to pick their child up from daycare as you wait for yours. Currently, there are over 3,000 Calgarians experiencing homelessness and more than 14,000 households at extreme risk of becoming homeless.

The RESOLVE Campaign is a first-of-its-kind collaboration of nine social service agencies, working together to raise the capital needed to create urgently needed affordable rental housing, with support services, for up to 3,000 homeless and vulnerable Calgarians.

To date, generous donors have helped to open six new buildings, retire two mortgages, purchase a new building, start construction on three buildings, and bring 10 projects to the shovel-ready stage with enough funding to break ground. Three more projects are shovel-ready but in need of additional funding to break ground.

The RESOLVE Campaign has raised enough money to date to provide over 1,590 homeless and vulnerable Calgarians with a key to an affordable rental home with the support services they need to thrive. But, the need for additional affordable housing remains urgent. The Campaign is working diligently to secure as much funding, and as many pledge commitments, as possible prior to the Campaign’s sunset date on March 31, 2018.  Pledges made can be fulfilled any time before spring, 2021. It is not too late for Calgarians to make a lasting impact in their community by supporting the RESOLVE Campaign.

We are encouraging fellow companies and citizens to join in and follow the example of the community and business leaders who have already stepped up to support RESOLVE, and to help to make a tangible difference in our city. By making affordable, supported housing a reality, you are helping to provide safety and security for our city’s most vulnerable, to provide a place where they can begin to rebuild their lives – a home.

Additionally, the security of a home is proven to reduce costs to taxpayer-funded social services by at least $34,000 a year for just one person experiencing homelessness.

Whether it is your new year’s resolution or desire to to do more good, you can help make our city healthy and safe for all.  We can do this. Please text HOME to 30333 to donate $10, $20 or $25 or visit www.ResolveCampaign.com for more information.

~ Cheryl Hamelin, Executive Director, RESOLVE Campaign

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