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The Big Taste Conversations | Chef Stuart Kirton, Tastemarket by SAIT

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Who: Stuart Kirton, Chef
Where: Tastemarket by SAIT

Downtown Calgary: How did you become a chef?

Stuart Kirton: I believe that the smaller steps you take, over a longer period of time, determine where you end up. I believe greatly in travelling the world to see what exists outside of your hometown. This will teach you something that others don’t know, and that is what great cooks will be recognized for. I am a SAIT graduate, but I also attended Italian Culinary Arts at George Brown, and Alma, an Italian cooking school for international students in Colorno, Italy. I spent some time cooking in Sicily, Moscow, Toronto and now Calgary.

DC: Why should people get out of their own neighbourhood and go downtown to eat?

SK: Downtown is a hub for great food. The competition is high, keeping chefs on their toes. This is where originals are created! I do think people should keep an open mind when it comes to dining. Most people know what they are going to eat before they even leave the house - try to put this aside when making a decision. I think you will be pleasantly surprised, and perhaps find a new favorite spot.

DC: Are there any misconceptions about dining downtown you’d like to clear up?

SK: Do not be discouraged by parking. There are lots of greatly discounted parking spaces available, especially the large parkades downtown and they are mostly empty around dinner time!


DC: Why should diners check out The Big Taste?

SK: Food festivals are a great way to get out and explore some new dining ventures with your friends. Diners should come out for Big Taste to broaden their culinary horizons. Lots of new dishes will be created, and Calgarians should experience this.

DC: What’s your favourite part of your job?

SK: When I teach a technique or dish to a student, and they recreate it on their own accord. That is genuine, and can’t be touched.

You can visit Tastemarket during The Big Taste at their signature event, or make your reservation today for their prix fixe menu! 

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