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Street Style Huntress: Making Art

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Some people are a complete stand-out, and this was true of Laura Pritchard upon first meeting. I photographed her for the first time a few years ago at Calgary Folk Festival, and since then, I’ve been hoping to feature her in Street Style Huntress – for obvious reasons!

Her personal style is eclectic and I’m always curious to see what she’ll be wearing, this photoshoot included. She arrived in this fantastic white fur jacket, with a fur collar and leather gloves to make it extra fabulous, and revealed underneath a lovely floral skirt and striped shirt adorned with some pearl details (which I love so much!) She also brought along a wonderful leather bomber that I think everyone needs in their closets and finished off her look with some great accessories, including a glitzy handbag.

Her personal style aside, she’s also an incredibly fun, positive, talented and intelligent young woman, whose career and future endeavors I’m excited to follow and cheer along.

In other news, I’m about to launch my new fashion & beauty blog (SCARLET) that will include a secondary street style feature called “Get the Look” – so make sure you check it out, as I will be sharing more about Laura’s outfit and where you too can get some of these incredible pieces! (

xo AldonaB, Street Style Huntress (@aldonabcreative)

How would you describe your personal style? 

My personal style is pretty femme, vacillating between fresh or luxurious (or both) looks, depending on my mood. Ultimately though, my sense of style is eclectic, as I tend not to observe rules when it comes to fashion.

What are some of your influences when it comes to fashion?

My influences range from Gucci 70’s esque looks to health goth, from rosy Valentino wear to the spooky, soft and sensual looks of Klimt paintings. Anything and everything that’s sensual and has a little flare!

What are some of your favourite stores and shopping destinations in Downtown Calgary? 

I really like Simons and Aritzia. And then Winners of course! I kind of shop like a beachcomber. I’ll sift through a full room’s worth of items until I find the hidden gem.

What are some of your favourite Downtown YYC spots? 

Mmmm! For coffee, the Steven Ave Phil & Sebastian for sure! For dining & drinks, I love Mango Shiva 🙂 The Glenbow is probably the downtown spot I visit most though.

What are some of your favourite trends right now? 


What fashion advice would you give to others? 

Have as much fun as possible and try not to be scared. Don’t ever worry about appealing to anyone or fitting in (this is the fastest way to lose your spice). Wear things that excite you and make you feel excited about yourself. I really stand behind this.

What are some of your future aspirations?  

I’m currently finishing up a Fine Arts degree at ACAD and this is the biggest project I’ve had on the go for a long time. I derive a lot of fulfillment from the art that I make and from critical interactions and conversations that I get to be a part of in the ACAD and greater Calgary arts community. My own art deals with sensuality, interpersonal relationships, and female empowerment through drawing and sculpture. My future aspirations include making more art, doing a masters degree, and eventually teaching (in some way or another). I’ve always loved art making and teaching and don’t think I could do one, but not the other.

How does your work influence your personal style?

I take a lot of inspiration from art history as well as contemporary art in the way that I dress. The Viennese Secession, Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, and both contemporary and 1960’s Minimalism are movements in art that have significantly informed my sense of style.

Anything you’d like to add or tell us about?

Yes! Visit our local Contemporary Art foundations and artist-run centers if you don’t already! They’re full of amazing and intriguing works and are great for fashion inspo (especially the openings)!

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