Nov 19

What To Wear: Twas the Night

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Oh my goodness! Is it really November 19th? You’ve got just over a month to get your Christmas shopping in order. Luckily, Downtown Calgary is chockfull of Christmas cheer along with the biggest private shopping event of the year – ‘Twas The Night at The CORE!

A full out glam night of shopping, Canadian celebs and live music – ‘Twas The Night is the night for dressing up and getting seen on the red carpet! Life is too short to not dress up, so here are some great glitzy holiday looks to get you in the mood. The great thing is you can repurpose each piece for your holiday parties including New Years Eve!

For the Gals

You won’t want to be lugging around your daily handbag with you while you shop and sip bubbly all night – this Patillo Sparkle Star Purse from Little Burgundy is just big enough for your cards, phone, keys and lipstick! Keep the sparkle theme going with the extra-tall Kenny Sequin Bootie from Spring. These look great paired with opaque black tights and a simple shift dress – you don’t want to over do the bling. Banana Republic’s Anna Karina collection is to die-for, which is why you need this Faux Fur Russian Hat to complete your wintery look. And lastly, this ice-princess Trapeze strapless dress from RW&Co. is the perfect look to take you from Twas the Night to January 1st, 2013!

For the Guys

Guys can definitely get away with more of a casual look during the holiday season – as long as their pieces are well-made and created with excellent fabrics. This Merino Shawl Cardigan from Club Monaco looks great over a dress shirt or layered with a t-shirt on weekends. These Blue Suede Shoes are certainly for the guy who likes statement pieces – channel your inner Presley at Twas the Night with these showstoppers from Town Shoes. This plaid vest from Brooks Brothers is a bit traditional but is perfect for the bow tie set that will be making an appearance that evening!

You need to attend the event of the season! Buy your tickets for the biggest private shopping night ever, ‘Twas the Night at The Core on November 28th!

You can find all of these great glam looks in downtown Calgary at The CORE!

  1. Little Burgundy, Patillo Sparkle Star Purse, $40
  2. Club Monaco, Half Cardigan Merino Shawl, $149.50
  3. Spring, Kenny Sequin Bootie, $60
  4. Banana Republic, Faux Fur Russian Hat, $74
  5. Town Shoes, Blue Suede Shoes, $110
  6. RW&CO, Trapeze sleeveless dress, $98
  7. Brooks Brothers, Bold Blackwatch Deco Vest, $198



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