Sep 24

Doors Open Across Downtown This Weekend

by Katie Murray · 0 comments

Doors Open YYC is about to invite you behind the scenes across the city for the second consecutive year. This exciting event, which happens in dozens of other cities across the world, celebrates places and spaces by allowing the public to see them in a way that they would not usually get to.

In Downtown Calgary this means that you will get to check out City Hall/the Civic Complex, MOCA, the EPCOR Centre, Theatre Junction GRAND, and more. On Saturday and Sunday sites will be open for you to drop-in, free of charge, and check out the back rooms, closed doors, and otherwise off-limits spaces. Each site organizes thier own tour(s), and a couple, including the EPCOR Centre and The Calgary Tower require pre-registration - though most are drop in. The DO YYC web site has details about all of the tours, including parking information, accessibility, and what the tours include.

The whole weekend, which is supported by many local sponsors as well as Alberta Culture Days, kicks off with a (free!) launch party at Theatre Junction Grand with local eats, drinks, and artists, including the band Bell Tower. Find out more and RSVP to the ‘Calgary Revealed’ party on Yelp here!

Follow Doors Open YYC on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for even more details, and to be a part of this fun weekend. They even have a photo contest and a partnership with Car2Go, which will be especially helpful for visiting all the great downtown sites!

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