Jan 16

Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Presents Tweet Seats

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Social media has taken the world by storm in the last several years, and lately it seems that people can’t go anywhere without bringing their phones and updating the world on where they are and what they’re doing.

Given the dedication and (arguable) obsession people have with social media nowadays, it’s no wonder that television networks have jumped on the bandwagon. Many networks encourage viewers to hop on their Twitter accounts and tweet along with their favourite television programs as it airs. Some shows even display the tweets in pop-ups along the bottom of the screen.

With television entering into the Twitterverse, it was really only a matter of time before the encouragement to “tweet as you watch” made its way into live theatre. In the past couple of years, theatres in such places as New York, Minnesota, Providence and Seattle have offered “Tweet Seats” to theatregoers, where people can tweet about the performance as it happens, instead of waiting until intermission or the end of the show.

This month, the idea of “Tweet Seats” will be brought to Calgary, when the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra runs a “Tweet Seat” trial. The seats will be in a designated section of the Jack Singer Concert Hall, and open to people who wish to tweet along with the concert.

The CPO’s “Tweet Seats” will be offered exclusively to patrons attending the Rush Hour concert series. The Rush Hour series is primarily targeted to novice symphony-goers, who don’t know much about classical music. With an on-stage host there to guide listeners through the performance, patrons are given some context into what they’re listening to.

As a supplement to the on-stage host, the CPO will also be sending out tweets from a designated CPO Rush Hour account. The tweets will identify key things the audience can listen for, or interesting facts about the music or composer. Those seated in the “Tweet Seats” can follow along on their phones and tweet questions and comments back to the Orchestra’s account.

Tweet Seats at the CPO launches on January 23 during Beethoven’s World: Rush Hour. Those in the Tweet Seats can follow along with @CPORush and #CPORush to get “inside information” about the music from the CPO’s Artistic Director.

More information is available here.

Want a free Tweet Seat ticket? Tweet the following and we’ll randomly select a winner from eligible entries: “Dear @DowntownCalgary I promise to enjoy @CPORush 140 characters at a time from the Tweet Seats! http://ow.ly/sF62t #CPORush”

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