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‘Antoine Feval’ is a hilarious and charming production

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Chris Gibbs, creator and performer of Antoine Feval, toured the show at Fringe and has performed it many times since 2005. This means that he knows where he can insert jokes that he just thought of and what parts of his performances allows for some improvisation. This makes his performance hilarious and engaging, to the point that your face will hurt from all the laughing.

The play opens to Gibbs, explaining to the audience that he is in fact British and shouldn’t drop his accent (otherwise known as speaking normally) because he’s British. He also explains his costuming, saying that he is not an usher in his bow tie and vest (that is a little too short, so he keeps pulling it down). He also takes the time to explain that the lamppost as part of his set design, doesn’t really do anything. This whole speech introduces you to Gibb’s humour and allows him to warm up the audience. A little unnecessary, but fun nonetheless.

Gibbs launches into his narrative, the story of Barnaby Gibbs who upon checking on his friend’s house sees a man dressed in all black, holding a bag full of stolen items. When this man explains to him that he in Antoine Feval and is investigating this theft, Gibbs believes him and thus unfolds the story of the particularly useless Barnaby Gibbs and the clever Feval.

This particular performance was unlike no other because Chris Gibbs made use of a couple of asides to point out a particularly raucous laugh in the audience, in a lighthearted, hilarious manner. That has no comparison to him calling out a member of the audience who came in approximately 15 minutes late and then promptly left after 10 minutes. He has no mercy.

The story of Barnaby Gibbs and Antoine Feval, the crime fighting duo is clever and well written. It’s engaging and funny while shadowing the ideas and themes behind Sherlock Holmes. Chris Gibbs has an acute talent for comedy and timing. It will be hard not to laugh during his performance.

Antoine Feval is part of the High Performance Rodeo and plays until Saturday January 25th. Tickets are selling fast and are available online.

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