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Where time melts into strange and marvellous encounters

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Do you dream in colour? Calgary is invited to come together to dream at Theatre Junction’s second annual fundraiser La Nuit Sauvage 2.0: The Dream Factory on April 22, 2017. 

Following the tremendous success of last year’s event, The Dream Factory will animate every nook and cranny of the historic Grand Theatre, brought to life by performance pieces and art installations by local talents, inspiring guests to uncover their own dreams.

“Our second annual fundraising party promises to be an evening filled with extraordinary art and experiences, with a line up of local artists, food and cocktail creations, and fashion. Join Calgary’s dreamers, innovators, game changers, movers and shakers for the party of the year!” said Marcy Krafft, longtime patron of Theatre Junction and Chair of the Fundraising Committee.

Theatre Junction believes in building on its artistic work to become a more expansive and vibrant hub for innovation, experiment and interaction. By introducing cultural

programming with this very purpose, new opportunities for creative engagement are possible, and expanding its civic footprint to serve the community to its fullest capacity and potential.

Kicking off this innovative series will be the work of internationally acclaimed Calgary artist, Robyn Moody, who is a graduate of NSCAD and has been twice nominated for the Sobey Art Award. He will be installing a new work in the Flanagan Theatre, premiering at the event, which will then be free and open to the public for viewing the week of April 24, 2017.

The Performers & Artists

Le Cirque de la Nuit – “Le Cirque de la Nuit is extremely excited to be back on board for the TJG’s fabulous, La Nuit Sauvage production! The Dream Factory concept has filled our troupe with a plethora of creative inspiration and you can expect to encounter a range of stunning performances…We simply can not wait to share our vision with this invigorating Calgary audience.” – Jai Benteau, Le Cirque de la Nuit Artistic Director

MAMMOTH VR – A collective of futurists and explorers that use Virtual Reality to navigate through time and space. Virtual Reality unlocks our limitations and gives us the ability to do anything, be anywhere and at any time, past, present or future. At MVR, they use this technology to tell immersive stories that educate inspire and entertain. Let us take you into a dreamlike experience that you will not soon forget.

Studio Cartel and local theatre group Dancing Monkeys will also be participating in The Dream Factory, animating often-hidden spaces within the historic Grand.

The Food

WORKSHOP kitchen+culture: Again this year, WORKSHOP will join the event by creating a dreamy, artful food experience!

The Scene

Picture Alice in Wonderland meets What Dreams May Come.

“There is just something incredibly special about Theatre Junction Grand’s edgy performances, housed in a gem of Calgary’s history. An homage to our past, looking ahead into our future – building community and a sense of belonging. They make me look at the world through different eyes – that is how we embrace diversity and create community,” added Krafft.

Tickets are limited and on sale now at theatrejunction.com or by calling 403.205.2922.


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