Aug 11

And they’re off! Food Trucks Launch in Calgary

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Food trucks have appeared in cities all over the world and now Calgary is in on it too. What did everyone have to say at the launch of the Calgary’s Food Truck Pilot Project on Stephen Avenue? Lots. Twitter was buzzing and the hashtags were trending. Here’s some of the best moments along with some advice for success and a new way to describe hunger.

Anticipation for the one-day launch was high and as of Thursday morning over 1700 people had RSVP’d for the event on Facebook.
#yyctastethetrucks today! I have never been so excited about food served from a truck.
August 11, 2011
I’m looking forward to #yyctastethetrucks and have even convinced the coworkers to join in… Can’t wait for gelato!
August 11, 2011
The block filled with people waiting to try burgers, perogies, tacos, fries, pizza, BBQ and gelato.


RT @sarahsue75: #yycfoodtrucks Lots of hungry foodies!


Such huge lineups @yycfoodtrucks but totally worth it!!! #tastethetrucks #yyc

The Busker Piano from the Cantos Music Centre entertained the crowds in line.


With the @yycfoodtrucks madness and the streetside entertainment #Calgary feels so vibrant today

But the most important question is of course – how was the food?


The 1 hour 45 minute wait burger: @AlleyBurger #yycfoodtrucks


From @fiascogelato mango creme brûlée #yyctastethetrucks no line. Go get some.


Yummy fries from Fries & Dolls at #tastethetrucks @yycfoodtrucks


I could eat hundreds of these #yyctastethetrucks @PerogyBoyz

Some of the trucks ran out and some kept going until the end.


So sad that @PerogyBoyz sold out 🙁 I was soooo close!!! #yyc @yycfoodtrucks #tastethetrucks


Still dishing them out at @alleyburger. #tastethetrucks

So, what did #yyc think of the Calgary Food Truck Pilot Project?

Dividing + conquering at #yyctastethetrucks with @kanuck75. About to have truffled fries in the taco line up 🙂 I love this city!
August 11, 2011

Hey @CHARCUT, your @AlleyBurger is too popular!! You might need an additional truck. …or 6.
August 11, 2011

Thankyou #yyccc for allowing #yycfoodtrucks to exist!! Fun food, fun idea.
August 11, 2011

With crowds this big, I think u can call the #yycfoodtrucks experiment a success #tastethetrucks #yyc
August 11, 2011

Success! Delicious success! Thanks @AlleyBurger I was velociraptor hungry #yyctastethetrucks
August 11, 2011

The trucks will be sharing their locations on Twitter and Facebook. If you want to try some of their food you should follow them. You might also bump into one around the city over the next few months. 

What do you think? Are food trucks a good addition to Calgary’s food scene?

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