Jan 16

+15 Indoor Parade Escapes the Clutches of Winter

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Last year was my first time attending the High Performance Rodeo. I took in BASH’d: A Gay Rap Opera and it was an unexpected highlight in a long hard winter.

This year I am getting excited to see The Ugly One, Lucha Vavoom and the Year of the Dragon +15 Art Parade.

One of my favourite things about the High Performance Rodeo is that it breathes life into places and things that are often unthought-of or over-looked, like the noon-time bells in the Calgary Tower and the Plus 15 walkways. It takes something we take for granted every day and turns it into something special.

According to calgaryplus15.com, Calgary has the world’s most extensive pedestrian walkway system with over 59 Plus 15’s tallying 16 kilometres. Coming from a place where it rains ¾ of the year, these puppies would have made my life so much easier if they had them back home, and most definitely do here.

Why people don’t write songs and name their first born children after them is beyond me. I feel a bumper sticker coming on, “Moved to Calgary for love, stayed for the Plus 15’s.” Okay, clearly I’m a fan…and a major nerd.

I really appreciate the fact that HPR will be jazzing them up yet again with their 2nd Annual +15 Art Parade on January 20th, which is in celebration of the Year of Dragon. You’ve got to love the ability to host a warm (and dry) parade in the thick of winter.

What to expect?

The Plus 15’s will host a colourful surprise for commuters as dozens of costumed performers parade through its hallways. It will be a multicultural celebration of the Chinese New Year (Year of the Dragon) featuring musicians, dragon dancers, traditional Chinese costumes and more.

Mark your calendar for Friday, January 20th at 4:00 pm, and catch this one-of-a-kind event as it starts winding its way from Bankers Hall over to Sun Life Plaza.

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