Top 5 Ways to Spoil the City Bound Outdoorsy Guy this Winter

by Kait Kucy · 1 comment

Our winters can be long and hard here in Calgary and while we all wish we could jet off on a vacation every weekend, it is simply not possible. Even the outdoorsy guy in your life can’t always get to the mountains despite his longing to be there every second of the winter season. To avoid indulging in a long bout of S.A.D. Syndrome with your  man until Spring arrives here are the top five ways to the city-bound guy this season.

1.     Dinner at River Café. You can’t get more beautifully rustic while still remaining within the inner core of downtown Calgary.

2.     Take him shopping at Hanson’s Fishing Outfitters. Sneak in some great Pendleton treasures for yourself as well.

3.     Drinks at Below the Deck. The incredible East Coast feel of this place will appease his desire to be spending his day near the ocean.

4.     Ice skating at Olympic Plaza. Grab some hot cocoa and take a couple of spins around the rink in the center of our gorgeous city.

5.     Climb the wall at Mountain Equipment Co-op. You can get anymore active or faux-outdoors than a climbing wall in downtown Calgary. Your guy will thank you for this one.


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