Aug 13

Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice

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While watching the final hours of the London Summer Olympics on Stephen Ave, I was able to enjoy a somewhat international treat I had only heard about before and is now available on Stephen Avenue.

While I have had all manner of Popsicles, sno-cones, sorbets, gelatos, and ice creams, I had never in my 26 years had an Italian ice.

Described as being half way between gelato and a sno-cone, Italian ice is a staple of the summertime in cities like New York and New jersey, where a historically dense Italian population gave rise to the treat. Sold either from trucks or push-cart, the treat has a long history of delighting children on boardwalks, playground, and sporting events.

In addition to being the top frozen treat on the eastern seaboard, Italian Ices have the fortunate distinction of being free of dairy, fat, cholesterol and high fructose corn syrup. That’s right, for those who are sensitive to dairy, or are watching their cholesterol can rest a littler easier knowing that there is a delicious way to beat that heat, that won’t set your stomach in to a tizzy.

The ices come in several flavours including Cherry, Lemon, Blue Raspberry and Green Apple and tou should be able to spot anyone who’s tried these delicious treats on Stephen Avenue by their distinctively brightly coloured tongues like our hosts Victoria and Nicola shown above.

Keep an eye out for Little Jimmy’s Italian Ice on Stephen Avenue (8th ave between Olympic Plaza and 3rd street SW) for the rest of the summer!

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