Oct 29

Culinary Campus: Pick up Dinner Party Essentials

by Kait Kucy · 1 comment

I am absolutely loving SAIT’s new Culinary Campus downtown in Scotia Centre. Not only is it absolutely fascinating to watch the student chef’s in action (picture the ultimate open kitchen - learning curve and all!) but the retail section of the campus is completely addicting if you love to entertain. Not only do the students prepare fresh and delicious items for you to take home immediately - they also have an amazing selection of condiments, crackers, preserves and cheese.

If you aren’t slightly domestically disabled but you want to appear Martha-worthy, the Culinary Campus is literally the best place you can go downtown for great food that you can pretend to have made (don’t deny it - you’ve done this at least ONCE in your adult dinner party career). On my journey, I found several incredible items that are bound to make any dinner party guest swoon with foodie vigor at least once.

This Carrot Cake is fantastic for $15.00! Slide that baby onto the cake plate you picked up from The Bay and serve it up!

Not even sure if you will be able to pretend to have made these Cream Puff Swans - the pastry work alone is applause-worthy, not to mention delicious!

So happy to see DRY Soda here in Downtown Calgary. These low-cal delicious sodas come in all sorts of unique flavours such as Lavendar and Rhubarb. Trying to liven up your party a bit? Two words: add gin.

Every kitchen needs to be stocked with an excellent, high quality olive oil. They’ve hit the nail on the head here with these teensy barrels of the good stuff.

Lastly, at the heart of an amazing meal is an incredible flavour, and if you are serving up spaghetti - you are in luck! This Cherry Tomato Sauce is the perfect compliment to those meatballs you picked up!

Now plan that holiday open house!

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