Nov 01

Street Style Huntress: The Chapeau

by Aldona Barutowicz · 0 comments

The hat is an accessory that not all can pull off. It’s distinct and stylish. It can be dramatic. It can take your ensemble to the next level. It has been thriving and setting the fashion world aflame for many centuries, and can be found in many shapes, sizes colours and styles. It’s reminiscent and sometimes associated with specific figures in history, in some instances a symbol of power, and in the past, hats were an indicator of social status.

When someone makes reference to Abraham Lincoln, it’s difficult not to picture his iconic top hat. Or Charlie Chaplin and his bowler. A baseball player and his cap. You get my point.

I’ve lately been extremely obsessed and intrigued by the 1920’s, and of course, the cloche hat that speaks of that era. The fitted, bell-shaped hat was invented by milliner Caroline Rebouox in 1908 was super trendy and popular well into the 30’s. Rebouox promoted the hat as an essential accessory for women’s fashion, and I’d like to do the same now. 

As someone who not only chases style on the streets, but also as someone who writes on trends and overhauls fashion clients and their closets, I’ve not only been paying attention to the hat trends emerging over the past couple of years, but I’ve been applauding and implementing these fantastic trends at all opportunities.

Enter this month’s post. I was able to find a few fashionable ladies rocking the wide brimmed chapeau, as well as the classic fedora, and this season’s super hot trend, the 90’s inspired slouchy toque.

Aside from these fabulous ladies and their hats, I also found beautiful coats - including the stylish and hot leather bomber - patterned and brightly coloured scarves, and some funky shades to accommodate the beautiful rays of sunshine that we are lucky to have year round, no matter how chilly it gets out there.

So hats off - or preferably on - for this edition of the Street Style Huntress YYC.

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