Jan 03

Street Style Huntress: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

by Aldona Barutowicz · 0 comments

Photographing stylish people on the streets of Calgary can sometimes be really tricky, especially when temperatures plummet and you duck from building to building in order to stay warm. What impresses me the most are the people whom, no matter what, always turn out a great style. They don’t let the weather get them down, and they turn to fashion and its many possibilities to make their lives brighter and more interesting during the winter months.

But since not everyone will turn out style worth capturing during such cold temperatures, the only option sometimes is to head indoors and capture some stylish strangers in a warmer environment. I chose to rock this out at The Core in December while most hit the shops to start on their holiday shopping.

What makes this long, yet interesting season fun for me is the form that fashion has the option to take, from super trendy and cool hats, a little bit of fur, bright colours or something all black just because that’s your favourite shade, and I was able to capture a little bit of the mentioned above during my mall travels.

But before we get to the photos, I wanted to once again thank everyone for tuning in and checking out my monthly Street Style Huntress shenanigans, and to those that I’ve photographed in 2013, for allowing me to capture your amazing styles.

Cheers to a wonderful 2014 and all the great style that I’m sure I will once again have the pleasure of photographing, so stay tuned - and I hope to see and meet you all on the streets of YYC!

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