Mar 11

What to Wear: Get Noticed on the Street

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Street style has become one of the most defining themes when designers are putting together their new collections. Gone are the days where the big fashion houses dictated what the next seasons trends would be - now it is all about what is being worn on the street and how it is being worn. I got in touch with my friend and fellow Get Down blogger, Aldona Barutowicz who is Calgary’s Style Huntress, to talk about what makes a person stand out to her on the street and what is deemed worthy of a photography.

What is the first thing you notice about a potential street style subject?

What I notice first always changes and is dependent on the person, although I sometimes bump into people that I absolutely know that I must photograph. They hold within them a distinct style, look and energy that can’t be denied. These are usually the people that also have a confidence and believe in how they are presenting themselves to the world in what they wear. Let it be pink hair, a funky hat, or something that I wish I could wear and pull off myself, my subjects inspire and excite me to be doing this fabulous job!

What are five key wardrobe items that are bound to get a street stylista noticed?

I mostly tend to notice items that I’m personally a fan of, including and not limited to bold prints (love me some leopard!), bright colours, funky hair, cool accessories and hats. I love when people have fun with their look and it’s clear just by looking at them that they are having a great time with their fashion.

What photographs best? Patterns, bold colours, textures…etc?

I’ve photographed it all and I try to do justice to everything that I photograph. In my street style photographs my main aim is to capture the person’s magic and the beauty of their personal look.

Sometimes dark colours are a bit tricky, especially when you have a few black pieces layered, as it’s easy to lose some of the detail that is more apparent in real life. Even though I don’t find the photography portion very difficult, I must admit that the most difficult part of being a street style huntress is trying to find stylish people when it’s super cold outside and we are all bundled up in giant black parkas!

Where to find:

Demotta Wide Brim Hat, Aldo

Gabrys Sunnies, Little Burgundy

Fritts Turquoise Hunter Boots, Little Burgundy

Printed Tie-waist Dress, Gap

Printed Peggy Shift Dress, Banana Republic

Photo credit: Andy Nichols


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